Fist and Dynamite

Silesian anti-fascists in Spain



Upper Silesian anti-fascists in Spain

Almost 200 Silesian workers - coming from Upper Silesia, divided between Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia - met on the battlefields of the war in Spain. They came to the Pyrenees to fight against fascism, for the dignity and rights of workers, holding faith in a better world. Many of them died there and many experienced the bitterness of lost illusions. The film "Fist and dynamite" is a tale about Silesian anti-fascists in Spain. It is an attempt to save the memory of these people. It is a story about the Silesians from Szopienice, Karvina, or Bytom, whose history was dumped on the Pyrenees ... The film uses dozens of memories and hundreds of archival photos, including many which have never been published before. The fictionalised scenes in the film were recorded in both Silesia and Spain

The film is connected with a wider project of restoring the memory of the "rebellious history of Silesia", a region which is industrial and multinational in its history. Within our framework we realized a film "Rebellious Silesia. A story about the history of social struggles in Silesia"



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